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I entered Hallmark’s Consumer-Created Card Contests for their Shoebox line of greeting cards (2010-2014). Contest participants had to provide one original concept and funny verse along with an original illustration or photo (no clip art or stock images). Only 12 to 16 entries were selected per contest out of thousands entered and then sold nationwide. It’s what got me started in creating my own line of cards after the contests ended. I also had a couple of short stories selected for Hallmark’s Mom book.

Also for fun, I wrote, illustrated and published two children's books...

The Life of Riley and Ugh, I'm a Slug (sold on Amazon).


Inside: Forget that! We can't let cake go to waste. It's your birthday, indulge!
Inside: HOLY CRAP! I can't thank you enough.
Inside: WOO-HOO! It's your birthday, let's party!
Inside: Thought you'd like a sizzling hot "strip" tease for your birthday
Inside: It's your birthday! Enjoy the limelight.
Inside: If you're asking yourself, "Why do I have lipstick there?" you know you had a great birthday
Inside: Good excuse to get sheet-faced! Cheers to a spirited Halloween.
Inside: Here's to some serious partying. Happy Birthday
Inside: Wishing you a buttload of fun this holiday season!
Inside: Chalk it up to dedication. Surely worth a celebration!
Inside: I smell a birthday!
Two short stories selected about Mom


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